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foggy field with horses

Meet Our


Horses are masterful gurus and teach humans to be present in their bodies, listening intuitively to the inner knowing. When we live from this inner place, we can experience a life of joy and peace instead of a life of suffering. 


It all started with Blue! At 23 years young, he was the first horse who showed up to provide deep healing for humans. He is a masterful teacher and specializes in body awareness and emotional release. A simple boy who loves being honored as a teacher and is always ready to partake in any activities at the barn. 

whie horse near woman sitting in chair


Clay is the first one to greet you at the gate and is an active participant in open pasture meditation. He loves to cuddle; often thinks he is one of the humans, and has been known to try to sit in the lawn chairs. He doesn't know his size! He's a lover and knows precisely when and where you need a nudge.


Rosie The Riveter is her show name and when she works with clients at the farm, she has an incredible ability to hold significant space for healing. She has worked with clients to move energetic blockages and to help point out areas of the body that need further attention

brown horse near woman in chair in stable

The Benefits of Equine-Assisted Wellness

Build Confidence

Emotional Awareness


Reduce Stress 


Reduce Anxiety

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