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Hi There, I'm Kelly!

I live for igniting the spark in others and being part of a client's journey from self-discovery to transformation. I specialize in equine-facilitated wellness with a strong focus on mind-body awareness, meditation, conscious leadership, Metaphysics, and emotional intelligence. 

Some Things To Know About Me


I am a proud mother of two daughters, inspiring me to pursue personal growth.


I am deeply committed to creating a safe space to facilitate healing and transformational growth in others. 


I had a life-changing encounter with horses during a surprise getaway, which inspired me to explore equine facilitation.

woman hugging white horse

Certified Sound Healer

PhD Metaphysical Psychology

Certified coach with horses

Equine facilitator certified

My Credentials

green trees on green grass

My Story

"My favorite title is Mom, driven by my two daughters, who inspire my personal growth journey. I've battled physical ailments, from high blood pressure to autoimmune diseases, prompting a shift towards holistic self-healing. Supported by exceptional coaches, I learned the power of emotions and beliefs, leading to significant physical improvements. I firmly believe in the body's healing capacity.

My connection with horses began unexpectedly during a surprise trip with my daughter, igniting a transformative journey in equine facilitated wellness. Studying with top coaches and personally experiencing the healing power of the horse-human connection, I've come to see horses as masterful teachers. They guide us to be present, congruent, and authentic, fostering a life of joy and peace.

I founded Authentically U to address mental health challenges without relying solely on therapy and medication. In response to the alarming rise in mental health issues and long waiting times for help, I created a sacred space accessible to those seeking support. Authentically U aims to reconnect clients with nature, animals, and their bodies, facilitating transformative change.

Through a guided exploration process, we uncover societal conditioning, examine beliefs, and explore true desires, with horses providing reflective insights. Our foundational principle is teaching clients to live as horses do, always present and congruent. I'm passionate about helping clients embrace authenticity through emotional intelligence, conscious leadership, and mind-body awareness. Imagine a world where everyone shows up conscious and authentic, inspiring and empowering those around them. One by one, we can shift the consciousness of the world."

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